Object for Constructing One's Own Interior Cosmos No. 10

Two drawers contained in a sculptural box based in part on works by Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica. One drawer contains a photo from the website of the Japanese magazine Waterfall and a photo of Japanese text that accompanies it. The other drawer contains a grid lined post-it note pad and a pen. Anyone who encounters the piece is encouraged to write or draw a response. This idea or response that is generated is the actual work.

Bottle Opener

Quarter, allen key, washer

3 in one (Mike Kelley, Franz West, Thomas Kinkade)

Embroidered hats

VOID Banner (Psyche-Syndicalist)

Cotton, dye, brass grommets

Zolo Compositions 2012

Zolos, Ceramic hardware, recycled rubber

Kitchen Implement 02

Stone, plasti-dip, paracord

OBJECTS is a project that sits at the intersection between utilitarian concept and formal exploration. Experimental in nature, OBJECTS aspires to challenge the prevailing perception of items that exist within the home.

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Photography: John Bernardo
Photo Direction: Brendan Timmins & Joel Evey
Code: Alex Bloom

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